At 5:00 p.m. on June 22, 2018, the Tokyo District Court issued an order of the commencement of civil rehabilitation proceedings for MTGOX. As a result, the previously ongoing bankruptcy proceedings were stayed. In addition, simultaneously with the order of the commencement of civil rehabilitation proceedings, an administration order was issued by the Tokyo District Court, and I have been appointed Civil Rehabilitation Trustee ([In the Matter of a ]Petition for Commencement of Civil Rehabilitation Proceedings, Tokyo District Court 2017 (sai) no. 35).

Please refer to the post below for further information on the Commencement of Civil Rehabilitation Proceedings.

「Announcement of Commencement of Civil Rehabilitation Proceedings」


Up on the stay of the bankruptcy proceedings, MTGOX bankruptcy claims filling system (the “System”), which was being provided on its website, has been temporarily suspended. As in the bankruptcy proceedings, the Civil Rehabilitation Trustee is expected to accept the method of filing a proof of rehabilitation claim through the System in the Civil Rehabilitation Proceedings as well. Therefore, please take note of your user name and password registered on the System.

Press Releases & Announcements:

The rehabilitation trustee posted the following announcement regarding the Civil Rehabilitation Proceedings.

The bankruptcy trustee posted the following notices and documents regarding the filing of bankruptcy claims.